There was no fanfare, but lots of fans.  There were no horses or four horsemen.  There were no Harleys or camel rides.  There wasn’t a single horse drawn carriage.  No plane flew overhead with a banner congratulating Thornton-Donovan’s Class of ’19.  No plums were thrown to an adoring audience 20 feet away from the pulpit.  There were no coconuts under anyone’s chair and, of course, no lime to be found anywhere.  Actually this graduation was already a little shaken up without the lime and the coconuts as a factor.

          The 2019 graduation was number 49 out of 51 that required no alternate plans, no indoor facility or no sanctuary elsewhere.

          Right up to 2:00 pm even the most ardent and optimistic T-D family members couldn’t envision commencement without an umbrella.  Little did any guest foresee that umbrellas were going to be used two hours later to block the sun.  How ironic!

          Somehow and in some way and, maybe, with a mystical hand being waved by a mystical figure, the rain that pelted the campus became tear like right around noon and two hours later all precipitation magically evaporated.

          I don’t know if someone waved a magic wand, or if there were a genie in a bottle, but at 4:00 pm, the Class of ’19 marched in total sunshine.

          With T-D’s latest class of 13 and newest 13 alumni their roads will be many.  Some will travel far and wide and shine elsewhere in destinations like Canada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington, D. C., and Massachusetts.  A few others will find New York State as attractive and New York City too attractive to resist.

          On June 21 all 13 of them shined on their own merit and basked in the sunshine that mysteriously poured down on everyone. By the way most Italians believe that rain whether in White Plains, Rome or anywhere on planet earth is God’s blessing.

          The Class of ’19 didn’t need any hi jinx to strut its stuff.  All 13 had a little something that made each one distinguished.  For me, the number 13 created immense curiosity.

          Thanks go to number 14 for the blessing before graduation and the sunshine that followed. It adorned all of us right up to the recessional.  It was truly divine.

          Who knows where the road goes…?