100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804
100 Overlook Circle New Rochelle 10804

Headmaster’s Message

Dear T-D Family:       

 T-D’s month of December is full of activities and festivities. I wanted tojump-start some of the events that are on the horizon.

Ending November-school breaks at 12:45 PM tomorrow, Wednesday, November 27th for Thanksgiving.                           

 On Monday, December 2nd T-D’s Russian class will saddle up for a special equestrian program at Pelham Bit Stables. All travelers are to bring $20.00 for the instruction program and round-trip bus transportation. 

On December 5th I’ll be escorting three upper schoolers to Newark Airport to facilitate their outbound flight to Guatemala City. Besim Mehovic, Jaylin Charan, and London Bouhlev will represent T-D with the help of the Evelyn Rogers School. 

On Wednesday, December 11th Scott Paris and his Technopolis II class will be in Manhattan on Wall Street and ready for the opening bell at 9:30 AM. Special thanks to T-D parent Dante Rufa for coordinating. More specifics to follow. 

The following Wednesday is the Holiday Luncheon – always a sell-out. The Larchmont Yacht Club is ready to ring in the cheer. 

On Friday, December 20th school breaks at 12:45 PM for the happiest of holidays. Can’t believe 2020 is about one month away. 

Peace and love, 

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.


 N.B. Please tell only your best friends about T-D’s Open House for new students on Sunday, December 8th from 2 – 4 PM. 

N.B.B. Please do not eat any flamingos – they are an endangered species.

November 25, 2019


Dear T-D Family,
Sometimes it takes a …… party and this past Saturday night, November 23, was the party Thornton-Donovan needed and the rest of the world should have seen. It was a party hearty and should have been streamed worldwide. I rarely sit while at T-D events or socials, but Saturday night I decided to park myself right by the main entrance of the banquet hall at the Sinai Synagogue in Mount Vernon. Every chair was needed to accommodate the T-D family. Of course, there were multiple distractions, but no collisions. Rabbi Morris Barzilai, Marianne Silva, Anna Teyssonniere de Gramont and Roberta Weiss, along with the omnipresent Annemarie Licini Paris were all in the fast lane. For over an hour I watched scores and scores of moving parts acting together in concert and harmony as music from 36 different countries filled the hall with background music of joy. How could so many T-D family members, mostly unknown to each other prior to the event, come together in a banquet hall and socialize as if it were an over-sized living room? How could so many different families from so many different countries (36), and cultures create such harmony? You had to wonder. The answer, my friends, wasn’t written in the wind. It was the centrifugal force that is Thornton-Donovan and the milk and honey that flowed so freely within the Synagogue’s sacred space.
Just as the dance floor was being disassembled and the last chair stacked, I walked over to talk to Tim Takona, T-D trustee and parent, to hear his thoughts. Tim is the eyes of UNICEF and everyday he watches children from around the world in settings sometimes Eden-like and sometimes Mondo Cane (Dog eat dog world). Tim said everything I felt and oh what a feeling it was! As so much of the world seems to be lost and so many of us in conflict, it’s reassuring that the T-D family is in the right and best place and on cruise control when it comes to good will to fellow men. No one has to ask for anything more than the “­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­T-D model” built in 1901 and engineered to move the human spirit. 

I love what it does to me.

Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.

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