March 15, 2018

Busy Wednesday

Dear T-D Family:
Yesterday was quite a T-D day. It began with Pastries with Parents in Freedom Hall and Meredith Ohmes, along with several T-D moms, made every T-D palette pleased. It also allowed time for me to introduce Major Tom from Sera High School in Hiroshima. Tom has been in charge of ground control for his ten exchange students who will be regaled tomorrow night at the Arts House in downtown New Rochelle at 7:00 PM at the New Rochelle Public Library.
With the help of T-D sophomore Jordan Mallach, many middle and upper school students solemnly walked about the campus at the ten o’clock hour and reflected on the horrible aftermath of the violence in Florida. Thanks Jordan.
Just about the same time T-D’s Vango headed for the Big Apple and Saint John the Divine. Our ten Sera High School guests participated in two workshops and then enjoyed lunch at the V & T Pizzeria and Restaurant. V & T has been T-D’s favorite restaurant in the Heights and I encourage anyone around Columbia University to try a meal there. You’ll see specs in Aspiration ’18 as V & T is patronizing our yearbook with an impressive ad.
That very same morning Mr. Schlitten’s Euro class headed to Rye for a conversation with Mario J. Gabelli, an alumnus of Fordham University, located in the Bronx, from the Class of ’65 and founder of the Gabelli School of Business.
Mr. Chapin was also elsewhere attending a DASA Workshop – an acronym for Dignity for All Students in America.
Another T-D teacher was off campus. Almira Bubesi escorted three soon-to-be Albanian Renaissance travelers to East 79th Street to the Greek Consulate. All three promptly received their visa papers and were treated royally, a rare happening in today’s world.
Returning from Saint John the Divine I met with Renee Reyes ’16, now a student at Fordham and currently considering a stint at Rondine, an Italian peace citadel in Arezzo, Italy.
Should any T-D senior be interested in a Gap year, check out Rondine. Rayaan Ba already has his heart set on it.
See you tomorrow night!
Sapere Aude,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.