When One Door Closes…
Dear T-D Family,
As rare as it is to have a T-D teacher move-on, it is even rarer to have more than one do just that. For the 2018-19 school year, both Sabine Hellge and Cheri Coffin will no longer be with T-D.
Dr. Hellge had been hit by the winds and tides of change which caused her to move to Stanford, CT. As is often the case in these situations, another door has opened and Sabine now has a clearer vision of her future in opportunity and reward. While T-D is saddened by her departure, Dr. Hellge’s life will be much improved and her future much more secure.
Few T-D teachers used Tech in their classes as much as Cheri Coffin. While traveling to the west coast several months ago, Cheri met some family along the way. Cheri made such a strong impression with her family that an offer was made and her professional life will now be enjoyed in an e-classroom. Cheri will do her best whether East or West. Happy motoring and an apple a day will go a long way.
And in with the new…Iris Pagan of White Plains will begin this school year as a member of the T-D Faculty. Dr. Pagan received her highest degree from Columbia University and others from Pace and the College of New Rochelle. Dr. Pagan has had extensive teaching experience at the French American School and Hunter College School for the Gifted & Talented. With her prior experiences, zest, most positive attitude, and her great skill set, Dr. Pagan should be an invaluable addition to the T-D Faculty and another very approachable human resource.
T-D’s Science Department has two full-time teachers; both are doctors. Dr. James van Sandwyk and Dr. Pagan will work hand in hand to provide the best possible experience for our students.
It’s never a good time to lose valued staff but, fortunately for T-D, this could be considered the best of the bad times.
Five years ago, T-D was accredited by AdvancED. Mr. Schlitten was instrumental in this original certification. With AdvancED’s blessing, T-D’s reputation has been enhanced locally, nationally and internationally. As is the case with all school accreditations, recertifications are made every five years. Therefore, T-D and AdvancED will be doing lots of work together. I’m pleased that Virginia Keating will be the faculty coordinator for this effort.
One of the most important areas AdvancED will review is STEM and now T-D will be offering even more of it. Of course, Scott Paris’ BA degree is in Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. This year he will be offering two different STEM courses, Back to the Future (Web Development and Futurology) and Ready Player Two (Fundamentals of Game Design). He will also be melding his Tech experience and love of Social Sciences into new classes.
I’ll be back to you when more excitement occurs.
Very truly yours,
Douglas E. Fleming, Jr.
N.B. Hold your horses…school doesn’t start until Sept 13.