Thornton-Donovan School

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Thornton-Donovan welcomes students from any part of the globe who possess ability, who are motivated, who have self-discipline, and who will both gain from and give to the school. The school may also admit a youngster who has the potential for academic success but whose record does not demonstrate it. Thornton-Donovan accepts qualified pupils regardless of race, creed, or international origin. New international students are generally accepted in grades 6-11. Thornton-Donovan School was founded as a small kindergarten and elementary school in 1901. Over time we gradually grew into the full K-12 school that we are today; nonetheless, we retain small class sizes that allow an individual approach to education.

We combine that individual approach with one that is by no means parochial. We place a strong emphasis on international education and exposing our students to the globe. Primarily this is accomplished by thematic education; each year has a theme which is usually a geographical area or important historical figure. The capstone of our approach to thematic education is the travel study experience, where students, faculty, and family members travel to thematically relevant locales. Recent trips have taken the school to Mongolia, the Balkans, and the Andes. This is rounded out by exchange programs with our sister schools in which students from other countries visit us for a week or two and allow us to return the favor.

Academic Program

International students are enrolled in the same college-preparatory program as American students and, upon graduation, receive a diploma. If necessary, students may also be enrolled in ESL (English as a Second Language) classes as part of the normal school day (included in the Tuition). Thornton-Donovan is accredited internationally by Cognia. Our Academic Program is very unique and combines basic classes one would expect of an American highschool with thematic courses.

Basic classes such as American Literature, Biology and Algebra with thematic courses are based on the theme each year; history, arts, and even science classes can be tailored to match the theme. Students have the opportunity to exercise a good degree of choice in their classes and can focus on areas relevant to their talents and future. T-D also offers multiple world languages (Latin, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian in Academic Year 2020-2021).

International Application Criteria & Process (Click here for video)

Each applicant must have a history of academic and behavioral success. The student must demonstrate ability in English necessary to understand classroom instruction and complete assignments. English ability may be determined by proficiency testing (TOEFL or the equivalent) or interview. Customarily two letters of reference are required, a transcript of prior academic work or a copy of the last report card given. A completed application with the application fee paid in U.S. dollars. MasterCard or Visa are also acceptable forms of payment.

A copy of the applicant’s passport page showing date of birth and a 2”x 2” photo are required along with a copy of a bank statement matching or surpassing the school’s annual charges. Once accepted all applicants are notified in writing and have a two-week window to respond. A non-refundable acceptance deposit of $10,000.00 is required as well as current completed student health forms and immunizations. Once international students arrive, they reside with local families in a homestay. Homestay includes room & board as well as transportation to and from school.

The Application Process


Complete Admissions Application

Thornton-Donovan School uses the Standard Application Online (SAO). To learn more about using the SAO and begin your application, click here.


Complete Legal Documentation

All legal documentation and all of the requirements stated in the information above must be completed and mailed to Thornton-Donovan School.


Campus Tour

Parents, with or without their child, may request a tour of the school. Please send a request to the Dean of admissions via Email. Taking a tour at Thornton-Donovan will be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.



Parents will meet with the headmaster for introductions into Thornton-Donovan. After a special introduction to the school, its faculty and program, candidates are given an appointment to spend a day on campus with pupils in their own grade.


Final Decision

While the final decision is solely in the hands of the Headmaster, he considers information from the faculty, the student’s former teachers, and the student’s family. Testing is usually waived if the applicant’s record shows good potential and good achievement. Test scores are not used to eliminate students from consideration.

Yearly Tuition

  • Grades 1-12 is $25,000.
  • Full day kindergarten is $13,000.
  • The tuition for a second child in the same household is $18,000.
  • International tuition (including room and board) is $52,000.

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents not submitted through an online method can be mailed to:

Thornton-Donovan School
100 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle
NY 10804
Fax: 1-914-576-7936