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Doug E. Fleming: Headmaster

While T-D’s academic program is unique and describing it difficult, it still mirrors much of the curricula available in most neighboring schools.

Upper/High School

T-D teaches to the highest levels in all the common branches and numerous world languages. It also offers AP classes upon request. Music and art are always incorporated therein. T-D alumni customarily graduate with 20–24 high school credits.

T-D’s education can best be described as classical, offering a well-rounded curriculum. Students who graduate from a classical educational curriculum are adept in numerous subjects. Math, science, reading, writing, the fine arts, music, performance, and some Latin or Greek are all a part of their being.

Integrated within T-D’s classical program each year there are about twenty courses all designed to reflect a theme as the school celebrates a different country, culture, or historical character. Then usually in the spring of the school year T-D will visit, tour, and embrace the country, culture, or historical figure being saluted academically.

All upper school students have choices when it comes to course selections and sometimes may find a student friend in a class two years older or three years younger. Choices abound and courses taught nowhere else at any school we know find their way into the upper school curriculum.

It is also T-D’s aspiration to have each and every upper school student spend time in one of the school’s numerous sister schools located all around the world. Students can spend as little as a week, a month, or an entire school year. The countries most visited include Guatemala, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, France, and Italy. T-D students who avail themselves of these opportunities customarily live in the homes of parents with students attending the sister school of choice.


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