Thornton-Donovan Campus

Thornton-Donovan's campus is made up of five different buildings, each with their own unique classes and discoveries to make. From the moment you walk in the door you will notice all of the unique art and artifacts obtained from worldly travels and influential figures.

What our campus can do for you

A unique and personalized experience

The Thornton-Donovan education is customized to students’ interests and talents based on our yearly theme. Small class size, usually 8-14 students, makes this approach to learning possible. Encouraging children to develop into the persons they will become, unhindered in exploration of their passions, is the key to a T-D education.

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Student Activities

Throughout the years, many unique after-school activities were created and ran by students. Some of these activities include a school newspaper, technology club, rocket club, chess club and photography class. There are also many athletic options that may be available to you such as basketball, tennis, rugby, and soccer.

Social Life

Due to our international background, Thornton-Donovan has an incredibly diverse student body with a wide range of interests. Whatever you would like to do, play, draw, or become, there will always be somebody to make friends with and help you integrate easily into our community.


Simply just pull into the driveway in front of the school for drop-offs and pick-ups. Bus services are available to all children. DRIVE SLOW AND BE VIGILANT.


If you're a student who drives, there are plenty of parking options for your vehicle. Available parking can be found out front of the school and in the school's designated parking lot.


Campus Buildings

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  • Currently the largest building on campus where Berns Memorial Library, Freedom Hall, and a majority of classrooms and offices are located.

    Main Building

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  • This building is the home of Thornton-Donovan's music and technology programs. Every room in this building is either full of instruments or full of computers. Everything you could ever need related to music or computers is here.

    White House

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  • While it is the smallest building on campus, it has everything art you could ever imagine. All art classes are taken here from painting to architecture.

    Art Studio

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  • The Winterhouse is home to a diverse variety from Lain, thematic class's such as 'Shaminism (Mongolia)', and your everyday math class.

    Fleming Winter House

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  • Full of images and relics of historical significance to Thornton-Donovan. A place to learn about our history up close and personal.

    Herritage House

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  • This lovely classroom is an extension of the Main building and is used for english.

    Queen Anne Chapel

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As you explore our campus, you will discover the beauty of the blossoming flowers in the spring, the colorful trees in the fall, and the snow covered grounds in the winter. You will find that the classroom buildings seem to invite you in. You will come under the spell of the unique campus experence you can only get at T-D.

Douglas Fleming, Jr., Headmaster